Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

1. Our Experience

At Antica Development we use our many years of experience to look at the big picture by providing sound advice BEFORE we even touch a hammer. We know how to take into account what you’re looking for, and what’s possible and what isn’t. We ensure that all building codes are followed and only use the best materials. We like to think of ourselves as a custom solution provider. Every home is unique and once we’re finished, we want you to be happy with both the functionality, and the design.

2. Quality Counts

We have been doing this so long that we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know that once we’re finished, we truly want to be finished so that you do not have further disruptions to your day-to-day living. Short cuts are never a part of our vocabulary and we know that many times cheap comes out expensive. We will provide the best pricing possible to allow us to achieve the best result. Our initial conversations will address your needs and include the details of the project and the budget you have to work with. This helps eliminates any costly future misunderstandings.

3. Credibility

We will never make a promise we knowingly cannot keep. If we come across an issue that was not possible to see prior to giving you an estimate, we will be honest and let you know your true options. We are team players and ALWAYS want to do what is best for you, our client. Although we do our best to anticipate the issues ahead of time, even with our experience, we cannot see what’s behind that 60 year old wall. We can, however, promise that we will be open and upfront as we proceed through the project.

4. Diligence

At Antica Development we love what we do and this translates directly into every project we work on. We acknowledge your time is valuable, that is why we make every effort to promptly answer your phone calls and show up on time.

Our methodology is that if we come across a challenge, we work diligently to find the best solution for our clients.

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