Everyone has an opinion of how much their remodel should cost, and sometimes people base it on the cost per square feet of new construction. Using the square foot method to price an addition is a risky and inaccurate way of pricing an addition. There are many aspects that impact the value of a remodel, such as access to the project.

For example, will it be simple to stage the remodel or will special equipment be needed because of the location; in a new home materials can be delivered on-site and placed where the material will be needed. Another consideration is protecting the existing home and homeowners during the construction phase. Remodels can take weeks; during this time a remodeler wants to make the family as comfortable as possible given that they will be living adjacent to the work area.

Many times temporary walls are built to create separation to protect owners from construction debris. Then there is the tie into the existing structure; trusses, concrete slabs, plumbing and electrical all need to be tied into the home.

It is due to the nature of an addition and remodel that the costs of these projects exceed the cost for a new home. The advantage is that many older homes are located in prime real estate areas and have ample lots in which expansions are possible. Not having to move is a great advantage and although every remodel is a stressful process for the homeowners, if you choose the right remodeler the results will make you happy you decided to stay.