Bathroom Remodeling

In any Central Florida home, bathrooms are essential, not only in their usefulness to the homeowner but also to the financial value of their home. We at Antica Development understand how important your bathroom is to you and your family, and we will work with you to improve your bathroom so that everyone is satisfied. 

We can simply change your tile or completely renovate the entire bathroom with a new tub, shower, vanity, toilet, fixtures, mirrors, lighting and whatever else you can dream up. 

Escape Stress…

Not only are bathrooms functional, but they can also act as a refuge from daily stress.  Changing colors to more relaxing tones and lighting updates can bring about a feeling of calm when you enter the room.  A larger bathtub can allow you stretch out and unwind at the end of the day.  Or, if you no longer need that oversize bathtub, we can remove it and create the spa-like shower you crave.  At Antica Development we can turn your bathroom into your personal spa.

Improved Functionality

Remodeling your bathroom can improve the look and functionality of your homes original design. We can create more open space making it easier to move as you go about your morning or evening routine.  We can improve lighting to allow you to see more easily or add windows for natural light.  We can add or remove counter space, whatever suits your needs best.  If you are approaching retirement, we can prepare the bathroom for a time when getting around might be a little more challenging. 

Do You Have An Ugly Bathroom?

No one enjoys a room that is poorly designed and outdated.  This applies more so for bathrooms.  Warped mirrors, garish countertops, and oddly colored bathtubs are things that can make you cringe each time you enter.  We at Antica Development can beautify your bathroom and make it a place that pleases the entire family.

Higher Resale Value

If you have your home on the market and unable to find anyone willing to pay your asking price, it may be due to the bathrooms.  If your home’s bathrooms are not in good shape or are antiquated, it can impact your home’s value.  When you improve the bathrooms in your home you will automatically increase the resale value.